Dear Kartar: I have a small U-shaped kitchen with the stove on the right wall toward the bottom of the U and the sink in the left corner at a 45 degree angle under two windows perpendicular to each other. So, the sink and stove are somewhat facing each other in a slanted way. How can I remedy this in a small space? Thank you very much!

Answer: You have relayed concern about the shape of your kitchen, described as “U-shaped” which is actually a very common lay out for kitchens and there are no feng shui issues related to that. 

You are also concerned about relationship between the sink and the stove.  This is a classic example of how people misunderstand the principles of Five Element Theory.  Yes, I understand that the sink has water pass through it and the stove has fire emanating from it. (Although they are often not in use at the same time).

In Five Element Theory, Water controls Fire.  This could be a problem in another part of the house, on an unseen level, such as with the Flying Star School of Feng Shui.  However, for this dynamic to occur in a kitchen, it is not a problem.  As well, the kitchen also hosts hundreds of pounds of metal via the appliances and hundreds of pounds of earth via the earthen counter surfaces like tile or stone. With so many elements present in one location, that can easily cancel each other out.

No worries.  You do not need to make any changes based on what you have written about your kitchen.

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