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You probably already know the basics of Feng Shui. They include the internal layout of the house, the external macro environment, the house’s Bagua, and your personal Feng Shui Kua number.

One factor that is often overlooked is TIME. That is what this article is about.

You’ve probably noticed this already. Every year, you’ll hear about the Feng Shui Annual Afflictions. You’ll hear about the sickness star, the wealth star, and the likes. They are quite powerful, and neglecting them can come at a great cost or loss of opportunities. 

But do you know what these stars are or how they’re interpreted? Do you know what to do with them? This article will give you these answers.

To start, let me show you what the 2017 Feng Shui annual afflictions look like.

flying star chart 2017 min - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
The annual afflictions Flying Sar Feng Shui chart for 2017.

These numbers probably don’t mean anything to you right now. But after reading this article, this chart will make a lot more sense to you.

What is the Feng Shui Annual Flying Star?

The annual afflictions come from the Xuan Kong Flying Star School of Feng Shui. It is a discipline that uses an astrological chart to analyze the positive and negative auras.

I asked Feng Shui Master Howard Choy to give a brief explanation:

howard choy feng shui master - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
Howard Choy, Feng Shui Master

The annual Flying Star is based on the Lo Shu, which is a general representation of the world according to the ancient Chinese. It is a pattern language using correlations to represent space-time and the constant cyclical changes in Nature.

Here’s another explanation from Feng Shui Master Laurent Langlais:

Laurent Langlais Feng Shui Bazi Expert - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
Laurent Langlais, Feng Shui Master

Feng Shui and Chinese astrology are connected: one speaks about space, the other time. They constantly interact together. For example, our living spaces are influenced by time events. In macro Feng Shui, for example, the shapes of mountains and the placement of rivers and oceans for a given city become auspicious or challenging depending of the time period we are in.

To me, this makes a lot of sense because time changes many things and follows a certain pattern in cycles.

For instance, the Earth’s rotation around the sun determines our four seasons year after year. Also, we sometimes see a pattern in history where we experience periods of conflict, drought, or prosperity. Perhaps the moon, stars, and planets have a hand in these up and down cycles?

If you don’t already know, the stars, planets, and the moon also rotate in cycles. That’s just how the solar system works, and it’s kind of how you can think of the Flying Stars Feng Shui.

An important thing to note is that these cycles are based on time. Each planet has a different rotation cycle. The Earth rotates around the sun in 365 days, whereas it takes Jupiter 11.86 Earth years to make one rotation around the sun.

The point is, there are different solar cycles, so does the Flying Star Feng Shui cycles.

How the Annual Flying Star Works

The Flying Stars work like astrology. It has multiple cycles based on time.

First, there’s the Nine Periods of the twenty-year cycle. Right now, we’re at Period 8 which ends on 2023.

Periodic Table of Flying Stars 20 year period min - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
Periodic Table of Flying Stars. Source: Wikipedia.

In addition to this, there’s the annual, monthly, daily, and bi-hourly cycles. Each of them also go by specific cycles. For the purpose of this article, we’ll just focus on the annual afflictions.

Each year, different stars will “fly” to different “palaces”, or sectors in your home. There are 9 stars that’ll fly into the 9 palaces. The image below will give you a sense of what the 9 palaces are.

eight house nine palaces house diagram - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
An image of the Feng Shui Nine Palaces.

The idea is similar to applying the Bagua onto your home. You’ll need to divide your home into nine different sectors and then you begin applying the Flying Stars to each of the palace.

Here are the 9 Flying Stars along with their Five Elements and their relationship to us. Please note that the names of the stars can be lost in translation.

Star #1: Favorable Star (Water)

This star correlates with career, fortune, health, fame and academics. It has the tendency to bring new businesses, new beginnings, and happy events. In terms of family members, it’s related to the middle-son of the family. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the kidney, bladder, reproductive system, and ears.

Star #2: Illness Star (Earth)

This star correlates with sickness, accidents, stress, and poor health. It has the tendency to bringing persistent health problems. In terms of family members, it’s related to the mother or the housewife. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the digestive system including stomach and pancreas.

Star #3: Quarrelsome Star (Wood)

This star correlates with hostility, conflicts, and misunderstandings. It has the tendency to bring obstacles in your life, perhaps even litigation. In terms of family members, it’s related to the eldest son. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the liver, feet, and arms.

Star #4: Love and Academics Star (Wood)

This star correlates with romance, academics, and wisdom. It has a tendency to assist you with love and with your studies and research. In terms of family members, it’s related to the eldest daughter. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the liver, thigh, and the chest areas.

Star #5: Misfortune Star (Earth)

This star correlates with catastrophe, death, and is the worst among all the stars. This star is not correlated to any family member or body part because it symbolizes a core pillar.

Star #6: Heaven Star (Metal)

This star correlates with promotion, growth, and even windfall luck. It has the tendency to help you achieve recognition and sometimes attracting people that’ll assist you in your life. In terms of family members, this star is related to the father or husband. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the lungs, the large intestine, and bones.

Star #7: Robbery Star (Metal)

This star correlates with burglary, injuries, fire, and conflicts. It has the tendency to bring volatile emotions and cause disputes. In terms of family members, it’s related to the young daughters or girls. In terms of body parts, it’s related to the jaw, teeth, and mouth.

Star #8: Prosperity Star (Earth)

This star correlates with fortune, nobility, health, and is considered the luckiest star of all. In terms of family members, it’s related to the young sons or boys, including the heir(s). In terms of body parts, it’s related to fingers, toes, nose, and back.

Star #9: Future Prosperity Star (Fire)

This star correlates with future luck. It has the tendency to enhance long term gains and favors new beginnings. In terms of family members, it’s related to middle daughter. In terms of body parts, it’s related to small intestine, tongue, eye, and heart.

In addition to the 9 stars, you’d also have to pay attention to the following afflictions as they also move through the 9 palaces each year:

Grand Duke Jupiter (Tai Sui)

The Tai Sui is a very specific negative energy. Its effects can be good or bad depending on which annual Flying Star it pairs with. In general, this whole area within the nine palace should be left undisturbed because its energy is too strong.

tai sui 2017 General Tang Jie min - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
An image representation of the 2017 Tai Sui.

Three Killings (San Sha)

The Three Killings is correlated to three different types of bad luck – accident, financial loss, and illness. This area also needs to be left undisturbed. That means no renovations or no re-decorations.

Year Breaker (Sui Po)

The Year Breaker, if disturbed, has the tendency to bring health problems, especially to the elders. In general, this area should also be left undisturbed.

These are the stars that move around the 9 palaces each year. Some of them sound pretty scary, and some really fancy. How do we interpret them?

Do NOT Interpret the Flying Stars Annual Affliction Literally

From earlier, you learned that the stars and afflictions are related to both our organs and our family members while being correlated to specific luck and events in our life. However, these are not to be taken literally.

Here’s how Feng Shui Expert Howard Choy explains it:

The annual flying star is not meant to be a specific picture of what would happen in the coming year in the 8 directions. It is there to stimulate us, using correlative thinking, to think about our relationship to our environment with our fears and longings in the present so we can plan for the year.

The effects in the different directions suggested by the annual Flying Star of all sorts should not be taken literally. This is similar to our correlation to a certain animal when we are born in a certain year. This animal is only a metaphor of what we could and can be, we are NOT literally that animal.

For example, don’t panic if there is an indication of theft and robbery in the Southwest because the Star #7 Red Metal “Broken Army” Star of Robbery has landed in this direction in 2017. Star #7 is not going to cause you trouble literally, it is just an indication that there could be some issues in this direction.

When you try to interpret the Flying Stars, it is important to understand what “correlative thinking” is. In short, it means that the interpretations mentioned above should not be taken too literally.

Correlative thinking is similar to metaphors. This TED Talk presentation will help you understand more about this concept:

This is similar to how we use our language to communicate, such as using phrases like “the elephant in the room”. There’s literally not an elephant in the room, but just a metaphorical expression for an obvious problem that no one wants to discuss or challenge.

What You Can Do with the Annual Afflictions to Your Benefit

Every year, you will hear people selling many Feng Shui cures to counter the negative annual afflictions. One of these items include the auspicious talisman “Prosperous Stars Shining Above” that’s used to cure the Three Killings.

auspicious talisman called Prosperous Stars Shinning Above min - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
Image of the auspicious talisman “Prosperous Star Shining Above”.

But using special talisman as cures is just one way. Another way is to weaken or strengthen its respective Five elements using colors or shapes. Again, here’s how Feng Shui Master Howard Choy puts it:

This information can be used to examine different space in our house. The Flying Stars chart can be used to reflect on our hopes and fears for the coming year and also how to plan and manage another 12 months, knowing that things will always go up and down in cycles.

Let’s go back to that example of Star #7, the Robbery Star, that landed in the Southwest. What you should do is to check what is there. Is the security sound? Did you renew you household insurance for next year? So on and so forth. And if it still worries you, put up a picture with blue color or with a water scene there because Water can weaken Metal, which is the element of Star #7. This way, you can begin to redecorate and refresh your home for the new year as well.

However, applying these cures could be tricky.

Applying Elemental Cures for Annual Afflictions can be Tricky

Here’s the special case – what happens when that sector’s Five Elements based on the Bagua conflicts with the Five Elements based on the annual Flying Stars?

According to Feng Shui Expert Rodika Tchi, what you need to do is that the Five Element based on the Bagua is NOT the strongest or predominant element.

Here’s the example that was given. In 2009, the annual affliction Love and Academics Star #4 was located in the South with Wood as its element. To feed the Wood energy, wavy shaped objects or blue objects with Water elements can be used.

However, South is a Fire element according to the Bagua. This doesn’t mean you need to renovate that area and remove all the existing Fire element decorations. You can keep the existing decorations, but just make sure that Fire is NOT the dominant element in that area.

Decorate in Feng Shui Red White Blue bedroom ideas luxury homes min - What is Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars and How to Prepare for It
In the room above, Fire (red) is not the dominant element because all the wall is painted in blue (Water).

Here’s another example. Southeast in the Bagua is the wealth corner with Wood as its element. It can be energized by the presence of water because Water strengthens the Wood. But if a hostile star, say the Quarrelsome Star #3 (also a Wood element), flies to the Southeast, should we energize this area? Wouldn’t energizing this wealth area with Water also means energizing the Quarrelsome Star at the same time?

According to some experts, if you MUST energize this area, you should find ways to exhaust the Quarrelsome Star #3. One way is to ensure you have bright lights shining in this area. If not, your wealth can come with hostility, conflicts, and misunderstandings – but only for that year.


The Feng Shui annual afflictions can have a great impact on you over that year. I’ve personally seen its effects in one person’s life. She suffered a great deal that year, especially in terms of career. You can read about it in my ebook if you’re interested.

Lastly, I suggest that you find an expert to help you with your Flying Stars annual afflictions. If you don’t take the proper classes and training, it is easy to make mistakes when you plot the chart and apply the wrong cures. If not done properly, the cost can be too much for you to bear. In other words, when you’re in doubt, take courses and train yourself or consult with an expert in Flying Stars!

Have you experienced or witnessed the effects of the Flying Star annual affliction? If so, please share your story by commenting below!

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  1. Hope Karan Gerecht

    I would love to speak with you about Gui culture website that says we have needed to sleep cycles in flying star feng shui, and that we are not in. Eight. He feels that we are actually in period one!
    Many thanks,
    Hope Karan Gerecht

  2. hope

    oops, sorry — my voice to text misspelled! That should have said gui culture said we need “two leap cycles” and that we are in period 1, not 8.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Hope,
      Did you mean the 20 year cycle that ends on 2023? If so, that’s pretty interesting. Maybe he devised another method from his studies/research. The Xuan Kong Flying Stars is quite ancient, and MAYBE his research/findings can help improve this. However, I don’t think it’s mainstream enough to be included. Almost all experts still agree that we’re in Period 8.
      Thanks for the input Hope!

      1. Hope Karan Gerecht

        Thank you for your response, and for your excellent writing on Feng Shui!
        Yes, Gui Culture is organized by doctor in Malaysia. He says the 20 year cycles are actually 19.85 years (it is the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter which creates the 20 year cycles) and that for the past 4,000 years we would need two leap cycles to be in synch.

        I looked up the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and it actually varies a good bit, not the exact 20 year cycles everyone uses.

        I love the idea of trying to put a foundation under this art using science/astronomy.

        Many thanks,
        Hope Karan Gerecht

        1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

          This is great input Hope! Thank you!

      2. Steven

        Hi Victor, my main door is located in the North Sector but facing North East.For the Annual Flying Star for 2021, the sickness star of 2 arrives in the North while star 9 arrives in the North East. Should I apply fengshui cure for star 2 or boost star 9. Thank you. Steven

  3. Dorothy Phan

    Hi Feng Shui Nexux, i bought your e book a while ago, now i want to read it again how can i come back to read? Thanks

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Dorothy,
      I emailed the ebook’s download link to your email. Thanks!

  4. Rowena bautista

    Hi victor! I made renovation on the west part of my house just this january 2017, i found out later that its not good to make renovations nor disturb the west part of the house. What should i do to avoid misfortune it might.bring ! Thanks

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rowena,
      Nothing to worry. Jan of 2017 is still the year of Fire Monkey 🙂

  5. June Seow

    Dear Victor

    I have two questions:

    Firstly my husband is constructing a backing for a water fountain in the east part of the garden which has the three killings affliction in 2017. He won’t be making much noise, no banging just screwing and glueing parts together, is this ok? Also, we have remedies in place.

    Second question relates to the rear house which we own and there is a dividing fence and gate. Does working in the east part of the front house impact on us and/or the occupants of the rear house?

    Much appreciation for your thoughts on both matters.

    June Seow

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi June,
      First question – yes, you’ll be fine. FYI – year of Rooster starts on Feb. 4, 2017.
      Second question – do you mean there’s another house that you own at the back of the house? If so, and if it’s divided with fence and gate, it should be counted as another property and have a Feng Shui of its own.

  6. Laykoon

    Hello, Victor. I have a concern about my master bedroom in the NE sector, with my bed’s headboard pointing west. My Mingua is 2, so west should be a favorable direction for me, but the #3 star will be in the west. The other possible positions would be to move the bed to the opposite side (with head pointing east (which is not a favorable direction for my gua), or pointing north, with the feet pointing towards the door. I am at a loss as to where to my best sleeping direction for the rooster year.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Laykoon,
      There’s really no need to change your bed position, otherwise you’d really have to adjust everything every year! Meaning, your headboard pointing west should be ok because the flying star is better applied according to the 9 palaces, but maybe not for the 3 killings, Sui Po, and Tai Sui ( I myself wouldn’t worry too much about it.
      If you’re really worried, you can consult with an expert to see if there are any suitable cures or talisman that you can use in your situation.

  7. Laykoon

    Thank you for your prompt response, Victor. I will leave my bed where it is. Now I have to place a salt cure at my front door since it is south facing. Please correct me if that is not a suitable cure.
    Much appreciated.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Laykoon,
      Yes, that is what’s most commonly used.

  8. Rizal Lee

    hi victor, how if we accidentally hit and drill 5 – 2 sector in our house? will it be a bad luck for all family members until 2024? pls help and thanks in advance

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Rizal,
      This is not recommended. But if you’re still going to give it a try, please let me know how it goes!

  9. Daniel

    2017 was a horrible year for me. I didn’t do a natal chart for my home or read the flying star updates. I only just did one and realized that mountain star #5 was in my bedroom, mountain star #7 was my front door and Tai Sui was in the west, where my head faced. No matter what I did in 2017, it always seemed to screw up. In 2018, I fixed all of that (changed bedrooms, added water cures for #7, etc) but I can’t get 2017 back. Ugh.

    1. Victor Cheung Listing Owner

      Hi Daniel,
      Sorry for your loss. The most important thing is that we’ve learned our lesson!

  10. Grace

    Hi Victor,
    Thank you for writing all these Feng Shui articles. They are very helpful to me. I do have a question in mind, regarding all these methods to determine the best direction for your house. So if I was to buy a house, should I 1. Go with the house that has best direction for my “Life Kua” 3. ( South?) or 2. Look at the floor plan, and make sure rooms are in good areas for the “Flying stars” Bagua period 9 (year 2024- 2043) or 3. It doesn’t matter the house direction, just make sure the rooms are located in the good part of the “House Kua”.

    Thank you,