Dear Kartar: Is it okay to have more than one bamboo plant in your house? I have 2 bathrooms and would like to place a 9 stalk bamboo plant in each bathroom. Thank you.

Answer: You asked about having bamboo placed in your bathrooms and the simple answer to that is that it is fine to do so.  This is partly because we don’t spend a lot of time in the bathroom (hopefully), compared to other rooms in a house.  If, for example, having the “wood” element is inappropriate for your bathrooms, the impact on you would be minimal or non-existent for a space you do not dwell in much.

You may ask, “How could a plant or bamboo be a problem anywhere in a house?”  The answer to that has to do with the uniqueness of your space and the proper use of Five Element Theory.

There are in fact areas of a house where bamboo or any other live plant could be a problem, but we don’t know that until we assess the space according to the Flying Star School.  This factors in the age of the house and its magnetic compass alignment. With this information, it can reveal where to place water, wood, fire, earth and metal.  In fact, it is a popular but very upsetting piece of “fake news” to assume that placing ALL the elements together creates some kind of “balance.”  This is not the case as the elements would all together cancel each other out.  Instead, we strive for the proper element in the right location, based on non-obvious influences.

On a whole other level, we can appreciate within the Feng Shui, the practice of making our homes lovely and inviting.  The same good interior design concepts are also good Feng Shui.  As people who spend most of our time indoors, it is often nice to have some nature brought into the house via live plants.